Charities Supported

Results:  Wednesday November 14, 2018
The succesful recipient (presented by Anita Hillis-Krause) was the Haldimand-Norfolk Literacy Council.  The $16,600 will be spent on new books, upgrades to technology (software updates) and other learning tools required to round out their program.  

The organization serves a population of adults over the age of 19 who have the need to upgrade their reading, writing and math skills in order to obtain employment or take their current position to the next level.  As a by-product, the skills obtained through this program enhance self-worth,
confidence and a willingness to contribute to the community.   
Students learn in safe, clean environments such as churches, schools and libraries and the lessons are taught individually or in a group session (depending on the requirements of the student).  The tutoring is provided by many qualified volunteers.  While much of the operating costs are covered by the Government (68%), the balance must be locally raised. 
To quote a local student, “Reading and Writing is Magic”.  The student, James, who has many children and wanted to advance his employment opportunities to support his family, was in his mid 40’s and couldn’t read or write.  In just 2 short years, he was able reach his objective. 
The other two, well deserving charities who presented last night were:

Results:  Wednesday August 8, 2018
The successful recipient (presented by Sue Goble) was the Norfolk General Hospital Foundation.  The $16,500 will be spent on a new incubator for the birthing unit.  Currently, the hospital only has one, very aged incubator.  This new addition of equipment will give families added confidence and enhance our local capabilities.  Norfolk General Hospital employs excellent professionals and facilities to support our young families.  This investment will be appreciated by both staff and patients.  

Norfolk County Agricultural Society (presented by Catherine Akins) and Norfolk County Quilters Guild (presented by Mary Weber) also presented at the August meeting.  

Results:  Wednesday May 9, 2018
The Child’s Nutrition Network (presented by Barbie Ernst) was the successful recipient of $16,400 on May 9.  Other presentations included Nature Calling Environmental Education Program presented by Maria Kinkel and Delhi Community Health Centre presented by Lauren Harrington.   

The money raised for The Child Nutrition Network will go towards supporting many schools in Norfolk Country and their in-school nutrition programs.  Volunteers prepare breakfasts, lunches and snacks for thousands of children up to 5 days a week based on need.  Some of the food is donated but in order to balance the nutritional requirements, some food needs to be purchased.  They often source this food, at significantly reduced prices, through organizations such as the Norfolk Fruit Growers Association.  It costs $114 to support one student for one school year. 
It’s often taken for granted that all our local children have access to regular, nutritious meals and snacks.  Unfortunately, this is not the case.  This donation will contribute significantly to our Norfolk children.   

Results:  Wednesday February 14, 2018
Friends of the Library Norfolk (Presented by Nancy Sherwin) was the successful recipient of $16,600.  The money raised will go towards the new Dolly Parton Imagination Library Program. 

What is this program all about?  Parents in Norfolk County can register their children as soon as they are born or anytime up until the age of 5 with the library.  Each month, the child will receive (by mail) a book appropriate for their age – as selected by a team of literary specialists.  The children will receive books each month until the age of 5.  It is proven that children, at the earliest age, who are read to and/or who in turn learn to read to others, excel significantly in their learning abilities.  The library currently has private funding which supports 100 children.  This evenings donation will expand that reach to 200 Norfolk children.  Although not necessary, if parents are financially able to, they are encouraged to help fund this program for their children.  Nancy encouraged book clubs around Norfolk County to consider donating to this extremely valuable program. 
Why is the program called Dolly Parton Imagination Library Program?  Because, as a child, Dolly didn’t have these type of resources at her disposal and feels she missed out on an important learning experience.  Her foundation created this idea and has rolled it out to many US and Canadian Library’s.  

Results:  Wednesday November 8, 2017
St. Joseph's Lifecare Foundation (Presentation by Vera Abbott) was the successful recipient of $17,200.  

This local foundation supports the Stedman Community Hospice which is located in Brandford.  The Stedman Hospice is a 10 bed facility which welcomes terminally ill patients from Norfolk County as a hospice is not available in our county.  

The Norfolk County staff for St. Joseph’s is located on Market Street in Port Dover and consists of a Doctor, a nurse practioner, a grief counselor as well as a person to assist families navigate through all of the available support systems for their loved one.  Although these positions are funded by the Ministry of Health, the office space, infrastructure and all other costs must be funded through private donations.  
It is a great comfort for Norfolk families to know they can obtain assistance locally as they plan for their loved ones end-of-life requirements.  It is also a tremendous comfort to know that they only need to travel to the next county to access a hospice facility.    

Results:  Wednesday August 9, 2017
South Coast Special Needs Kids (Presentation by Bettyann Carty) was the successful recipient of $17,200.  

South Coast Special Needs Kids is a registered charity who serves 35-40 children & young adults in Norfolk County.  There motto is "Every Kid Can".  This group organizes special outings such as hockey, bowling, baseball, golf, etc.  Although the parents obtain some governement assistance, these extra-curricular programs are NOT funded.  South Coast Special Needs Kids will spend this money on a new golf cart and new sledges for hockey.  This will bring their fleet of golf carts to a total of two (2).  The current cart resides at Springview Farms Golf Course.  Bettyann Carty finished her presentation by saying, "How has your golf game been lately?  Does it matter to you if your score is good or bad? The important part is that you are sharing your time with a friend.  That is what purchasing this special golf cart will mean to several special needs kids.  Sharing their golf game with a friend."

Two other charities also presented: Purrfect Companions of Norfolk (Angie Grice), Norfolk Community Help Centre (Marilyn Antkiw)

Results:  Wednesday May 10, 2017

Church Out Serving (Presentation by Diane Luke) was the successful recipient of $17,300.  This money will be used towards the purchase of a commercial-grade fridge/freezer.  

This non-profit, faith based organization has purchased the old LCBO building in Simcoe and are renovating it to welcome individuals to an innovative food hub which will include a cafe, a marketplace and a commercial teaching kitchen.  They are bringing people and food together in a safe, friendly, welcoming enironment.  As food insecurity continues to be an issue in Norfolk County (11.6% or 7,500 people of the popoulation are not able to secure food on a regular basis), this group has found a way to better utilize Norfolk's largest asset:  food. Local farmers often find they have surplus produce which is unsuitable for sale because it is imperfect. E.g. too small, too large, blemished or not the right shape. This innovative approach to sourcing, preparing and deliverying food to those in need is a creative way to bring our community together.  Riversye 83 will welcome those customers who can pay as well as those who cannot pay.  They are also offering a "Pay It Forward" option.  

Riversyde 83 is expected to open late 2017.

There were two (2) other well-deserving charities represented at this meeting: 

  1. Puurfect Companions presented by Angie Grice 
  2. St. Joseph's Lifecare Foundation presented by Vera Abbott

Results:  Wednesday February 8, 2017

Norfolk Senior Support Services (Presentation by Cynthia Stuart) was selected to receive $16,800.  Senior Support Services will use this donation to help fund a new handicapped accessible van to replace the one which was recently taken off the road due to safety concerns.  As an added bonus, the Senior Support Services Organization will showcase 100 Women Who Care Norfolk on the exterior of the van, as a reminder to all Norfolk residents on how our group positively impacts our community.  In the last 6 months alone, 2600 trips were taken by 1470 seniors, 92 disabled adults and 102 clients in wheelchairs.  These trips took these folks to medical appointments, adult day programs, shopping trips, to social events, and other activities.  Cynthia also highlighted that this van will be bought and serviced in Norfolk. 

There were two (2) other well deserving charities represented at tonight’s meeting:  1.  Norfolk Community Help Centre presented by Marilyn Antkiw and 2.  Purrfect Companions presented by Angie Grice.  

Results:  Wednesday November 9, 2016
Haldimand-Norfolk Women's Services (Presentation by Lauren Harrington) was chosen as the recipient of $16,300.  HNWS will use this money for a program called “Supportive Mothering”.  This program is run in cooperation with the Children's Aid Society (CAS).  A 16 week program is offered 4 times per year (if funding is available) to women who have experienced abuse / have been a victim of violence and who have children.  The results from previous programs has been profound and we heard (via a letter written to Women’s Services) from one young women with a small child who completed the program with a renewed sense of confidence and self worth.  

Other presentations made were in support of Purrfect Companions of Norfolk (Angie Grice) and Lynnwood Arts Centre (Brendalee Englehardt).  

Results:  Wednesday August 10, 2016
Indwell Hambleton Hall (presentation made by Barbara Gulabsingh) was the successful recipient and will receive $16,200.  Indwell Hambleton Hall is a non-profit charitable organization serving those seeking health and wellness through affordable supportive housing.  There are 40 units being built in Simcoe with a move-in date of October 2016.  The funds will be used to help furnish these units at a cost of approximately $2,000 per unit.  This now brings our total donated (since May 2014) to just under $150,000!

Presentations were also made on behalf of Norfolk Community Help Centre (Marilyn Antkiw) and Habitat for Humanity Brant/Norfolk (Catherine Lawrence). 

Results:  Wednesday May 11, 2016
Three passionate presentations were given with the successful recipient being the Alzheimer's Society of Halimand-Norfolk (Diane Holmes).  The Alzheimer's Society will use the $16,100 raised for the "Music & Memories" Program and the new Art Therapy Program.  These programs reach hundreds of Norfolk residents and will inspire those suffering from Alzheimers by giving them the outlet to express themselves, connect with their feelings and emotions while gaining self-esteem.  These programs also assist the caregivers as they provide an alternate activity which has long-lasting positive effects. 

Presentations were also made on behalf of the Norfolk Senior Support Services (Cynthia Stuart) and Norfolk Women's Support Services (Lauren Harrington).  We encourage these women to let these nominations stand for a future meeting.   

Results:  Wednesday February 10, 2016
We did it again!  The Canadian Mental Health Association located in Simcoe was the successful recipient of $14,800.  This puts us nicely over the $100,000 milestone at $114,600!  We are proud to say that we have significantly made a positive impact to our local community. 

The CMHA's mission is to "strive to provide services to people with mental disorders and to enhance, maintain and promote the mental health of individuals in our community".  The funds raised will be used for three (3) specific public education programs which will benefit 200-250 people in Norfolk County. 

The two (2) other charities represented at the Feburary meeting were the Alzheimer's Society and the Simcoe Women's Services Organization. 

Results:  Wednesday November 18, 2015
Amazing!  The Cancer Support & Research Program (CSRP) of Norfolk County will receive $14,800!  Their mandate is to provide support to those facing cancer with a wide range of options to address specific needs.  “Facing cancer with courage” is their message while “making memories” is what they do. 

A night out at a movie or dinner with family, offering a video camera to capture fun moments or facilitating travel plans to visit family are examples of what the organization has done in the past to help “make memories”.  They also offer financial assistance by providing gift cards for groceries or gas as the burden on the cancer patient and their families can be great, especially when the treatments are outside Norfolk County.  To learn more about the program visit their web site at
The two (2) other charities which presented were the MS Society and Senior Support Services. 
Since May 2014, 100 Women Who Care Norfolk has raised $99,800 for local Norfolk Charities!  What an accomplishment! 

Results:  Wednesday August 12, 2015
Outstanding!  The Norfolk Pregnancy Centre will receive $14,600 to purchase additional programming material and expand their services into Delhi. This organization provides leadership, guidance and support to young women and men as they embark on a new phase of life.  Professional volunteers are available to offer assistance on an as needed basis. 

Two (2) other presentations were made:  The MS Society Grand Erie Chapter and the Waterford Heritage Trail Foundation.   

Since May 2014, the Norfolk Chapter has raised $85,000 for local charities. 

Results:  Wednesday May 13, 2015
We did it again!  We raised $15,400 for Simcoe Special Olympics. The donated funds will be used for transportation to and from competition venues outside of Simcoe, accommodations for qualifying athletes and coaches (E.g. Recent Vancouver National Games and Montreal swim competition), uniforms and equipment for the various sports and finally, it will help to fund the expansion into basketball, bocce ball, track and curling.  Deana Hill presented on their behalf. 

The other two (2) well-deserving charities who presented were:  The Alzheimer's Society and Habitat for Humanity. 

This meeting marked our first anniversary.  Including this meeting, we have now raised over $70,000 for Norfolk County Charities. 

Results:  Wednesday February 11, 2015
Incredible!  We are now 151 strong!  The successful recipient was the Childrens Aid Society - Fresh Air Fund.  The donation of $15,100 will enable them to send 50 Norfolk children to summer camp where they will enjoy recreational & educational programs.  These children are referred by either CAS workers or family members and without this donation, these children would not have to opportunity to particpate in a summer camp. 

The other 2 charities presented were:  The Alzheimers Society and the Norfolk Pregnancy Center.  It was another very difficult decision as all of these charities are well-deserving. 

Results:  Wednesday November 12, 2014
100 Women Who Care Norfolk had another exceptional evening!  Our membership grew again....we are now 144 strong! 
All 3 presentations made by our members were detailed and well received. The recipient of our donation of $14,400 was The Salvation Army Community Services.  The other 2 charities presented were the Special Olympics and Norfolk Pregnancy Centre.  These 2 charities can resubmit their names at future meetings. 

Results (UPDATED):  Wednesday August 13, 2014
The women of Norfolk are powerful! Twenty-one (21) additional ladies have committed to join 100 Women Who Care Norfolk.  This brings our total membership to 139!!
The successful charity at our second meeting was St. Vincent de Paul.  They received 139 cheques totaling $13,900
Compelling presentations were made by 2 other Members for Crimestoppers and the Alzheimer's Society.   

Results:   Wednesday May 28, 2014
Our first meeting was a tremendous success!  118 powerful women became members of this amazing organization and raised $11,800 for the Who Did It Club.
The 2 other charities presenting at the inaugaral meeting were:  Crimestoppers and the Norfolk Music Arts Festival.