August 8, 2018:  Norfolk General Hospital Foundation is the Recipient of $16,500

Pictured below are the 3 presenters from the August 8th meeting.  Left to right are:  Catherine Akins (Norfolk County Agricultural Society), Sue Goble (Norfolk General Hospital Foundation) and Mary Weber (Norfolk County Quilters Guild).  

May 9, 2018:  Child Nutrition Network Receive $16,400
Pictured left to right:  Barbie Ernst, Lauren Harrington, Maria Kinkel

February 14, 2018:  Friends of the Library Norfolk Receive $16,600
Pictured (l-r):  Beth Redden (Co-founder), Heather King, CEO Norfolk County Public Library, Michelle Grummett (Co-founder)), Nancy Sherwin (100 Women Member), and Dolly Parton (cut out) 

November 8, 2017:  St. Jospeh's Lifecare Foundation Receives $17,200

Pictured in the photo are (left to right):  Sue Goble, Co-Founder, Olga Consorti, President & CEO ST. Joseph’s Lifecare Foundation for Stedman Community Hospice and Beth Redden, Co-Founder. 

Pictured below is Vera Abbott who presented for St. Joseph's Lifecare Foundation

August 9, 2017:  South Coast Special Needs Kids Receives $17,200

Pictured below are Beth Redden (Co-Founder of 100 Women) and Bettyann Carty (Presenter)

May 10, 2017:  Church Out Serving Receives $17,300

Pictured below:  Diane Luke (Presenter) and Beth Redden Co-Founder 100 Women 

Presenters at the May 10 2017 Meeting from left to right: Vera Abbott for St. Joseph's Lifecare Foundation, Diane Luke for Church Out Serving and Angie Grice for Puurfect Companions.  


February 8, 2017:  Norfolk Senior Support Services Receives $16,800

Pictured from left to right:  Sue Goble, Co-Founder 100 Women Who Care Norfolk: Tina Lombardo, Norfolk Senior Support Services Finance Officer: Lisa Geoffrey, Norfolk Senior Support Services Program Manager: Cynthia Stuart, Nominating Member: Beth Redden, Co-Founder 100 Women Who Care Norfolk

Pictured below:  Cynthia Stuart presenter for Norfolk Senior Support Services 

Pictured Below:  Angie Grice presenter for Purrfect Companions, Marilyn Ankiw presenter for Norfolk Community Help Centre, Cynthia Stuart presenter for Norfolk Senior Support Services

November 9, 2016:  Haldimand-Norfolk Women's Services Recipient of $16,300
Pictured below: Sue Goble, Lauren Harrington (Presenter for HNWS), Beth Redden & Michelle Grummett

Pictured below are the Presenters from the November 2016 Meeting:  Lauren Harrington - HNWS and Brendalee Englehardt - Lynnwood Arts Centre.  Missing from the photo is Angie Grice - Purrfect Companions Norfolk.  

August 10, 2016:  Indwell Hambleton Hall Simcoe Receives $16,200

Pictured left to right are Michelle Grummett, Sue Goble, Barbara Gulabsingh (member who presented on behalf of Indwell) and Beth Redden. 

May 11, 2016:  Alzheimer's Society of Haldimand-Norfolk Receives $16,100

Pictured left to right are the 3 women who presented:  Cynthia Stuart (Senior Support Services), Diane Holmes (Alzheimers Society), Lauren Harrington (Women's Support Services)


February 10, 2016:  Canadian Mental Health Association (Simcoe) Receives $14,800

Michelle Grummett, Jill Chuli, Joanne Cleland, Mental Health Promotion & Education Facilitator, Beth Redden and Mike Benin, CMHA Executive Director

Pictured below is Jill Chuli who presented on behalf of the CMHA.  Congratulations!

November 18, 2015:  Cancer Support & Research Program (CSRP) receives $14,800
Pictured below is Sue Ferguson (Baldock) who presented on behalf of the CSRP. 

August 12, 2015:  Norfolk Pregnancy Centre Receives $14,600
Pictured below are: Bettyann Carty who presented on behalf of the Norfolk Pregnancy
Centre, Dawn Granger who presented for the MS Society and Cathy Rusling who represented the Waterford Heritage Trail Foundation.

May 13, 2015:  Simcoe Special Olympics Received $15,400!

Pictured above are Michelle Grummett, Deana Hill who presented on behalf of Simcoe Special Olympics, Beth Redden and Sue Goble. 

February 11, 2015:  CAS Fresh Air Fund received $15,100 which will be used to send 50 Norfolk children to summer camp. 

$15,100 was presented to the CAS on February 27, 2015.  Pictured above are Beth Redden (100 Women Who Care Norfolk Co-founder), Shari Gardener (Executive Assistance & Public Relations Coordinator for The Children’s Aid Society of Haldimand & Norfolk), Shelley Walker-Shoff who presented on behalf of the Fresh Air Fund, Sue Goble and Michelle Grummett (100 Women Who Care Norfolk Co-founders). 

On February 11, 2015, the CAS Fresh Air Fund was the successful recipient. Pictured above are Sue Goble (organizer), Shelley Walker-Shoff who presented on behalf of the CAS Fresh Air Fund, Beth Redden (organizer). 

At the November 12, 2014 meeting, The Salvation Army Community Services was the recipient of $14,400. 

Pictured above are Beth Redden, Michelle Grummett, Jill Chuli who presented on behalf of The Salvation Army Community Services and Sue Goble. 

Following the meeting on August 13, $13,900 was presented to key representatives of St. Vincent De Paul. 

Presentation to St. Vincent De Paul

Pictured above are Don White (St. Vincent De Paul), Linda Boll ( Nominator/Member), Ken Kowalsky (President St Vincent De Paul) and Michelle Grummett (Co-Founder)

August 13, 2014:  Presentation of $13,900 to Linda Boll who nominated and presented on St. Vincent de Paul's behalf. 

  Pictured from left to right:  Beth Redden (organizer), Sue Goble (organizer), Linda Boll and Michelle Grummett (organizer).      

May 28, 2014: Presentation of $11,800 to the Who Did It Club. 

Presentation to The Who Did It Club

From left to right:  Cathy Rusling, Member who made the nomination; Ian Madge, President of Who Did It Club; Beth Redden, organizer; Michelle Grummett, organizer; Sue Goble, organizer.

Photos taken on May 28, 2014 at the first meeting of 100 Women Who Care Norfolk

Inaugral Meeting Gets under wayBeth Redden (left) speaking with arriving member. 

Michelle Grummett (left) welcomes Patti Boyko

Michelle Grummett (right) welcomes Patti Boyko to the inaugral meeting.

Organizers with member who submitted selected nomination

The Organizers of 100 Women Who Care Norfolk present Cathy Rusling (the member who nominated the charity - second from the left) 118 cheques totalling $11,800 for the Who Did It Club. Pictured above are Beth Redden (organizer), Cathy Rusling, Sue Goble (organizer) and Michelle Grummett (organizer).