August 2021 UPDATE:  We are pleased to announce that we selected St. Paul’s Community Hall as the successful recipient of $16,800.  Although COVID has changed how we meet, it has not diminished our ability to step forward and give back to our Norfolk Community.

The Multi-Sensory Environment (Room) is being constructed at St. Paul’s Community Hall in Port Dover.  The presentation was submitted by members June Dorie and Lynda Bird.  The other two presentation submitted were Delhi Public School (Kirby Steinhoff) and St. Bernard’s of Clairvaux Catholic Elementary School in Waterford (Joannie Rell). 

St. Paul’s Community Hall offers a variety of community outreach programs which support and enrich individuals socially, physically, and mentally.  One such program is the creation of a Snoezelen Multi-Sensory Environment (room).   

This room (the only one in Norfolk County) is currently under construction and is expected to be complete later this fall.  While the target audience is seniors, the room can be booked by any Norfolk resident (and a caregiver) who are dealing with mental health issues, autism, social isolation, Alzheimer’s, dementia, and disabilities.   The environment provides a relaxing space which helps to reduce agitation and anxiety.  The room contains special lighting, seating, music, and interactive technology which can stimulate reactions and encourage community and social connection. 

St. Paul’s began construction earlier this year and the additional donation of $16,800 will enhance the project to include more technology and amenities to make this environment best-in-class”, comments John Bird from St. Paul’s Community Hall. 

St. Pauls Community Hall representative Deb Armstrong goes on to say, “We are working closely with the local medical community, support organizations and service clubs to ensure those people who could benefit are aware of this resource and how to access it.  As we approach completion, we will launch a community awareness campaign to communicate the benefits and accessibility of this unique resource.”  It is anticipated that the environment can be booked Monday to Friday 9 am to 7 pm for 30-40 minute sessions. 

Since 2014, 100 Women Who Care Norfolk has raised $448,000 for 29 charities.

 To learn more details about this charity as well all previous successful charities, to go the “Charities” tab on this web site. 

Are you someone who is interested in helping others but is stretched for time?

Do you want to be a part of an empowered group of women who want to make a direct, positive and immediate effect on the lives of others – right here in Norfolk County?

Would you like to network with other like-minded women in Norfolk County?

Due to COVID, all future meetings will be held via email.  When we are once again able to gather in person, the meetings will be held at the Army, Navy Air Force Building in Simcoe.

Army, Navy & Air Force Bldg., 53 Water Street, Simcoe
Corner of Culver & Water, Simcoe – enter off Culver Street.

Meeting dates:
February 2021, May 2021, August 2021, November 2021.   If you have questions, PLEASE CONTACT for details.  


What is this Organization? What is expected of me?

  • There are four one hour meetings each year
  • To become a member you are required to sign a Commitment Form agreeing to donate $100 per meeting, 4 times a year whether or not in attendance
  • At each meeting, 3 representatives will make a 5 minute presentation on their charity
  • After the presentation, the members will vote by secret ballot. The charity receiving the most votes will receive all the donations E.g. 100 members x $100 = $10,000
  • The charity agrees that the funds will remain in Norfolk, will be used to benefit programs locally and will not be used for administrative costs
  • Income tax receipts will be distributed at the next meeting directly from the charity