November 2020 UPDATE:  We revamped our meeting structure in November and are pleased to announce that we have selected Church Out Serving as the successful recipient of $15,700.

This money will be spent on stainless steel counters, sinks and food safe work surfaces in their commercial kitchen.  Since March, Church Out Serving has stepped forward in response to a growing and urgent need to help local residents who were experiencing food insecurity, many for the first time.  These people consist of housebound seniors, people who are ill, disabled or immune-compromised (due to cancer, ALS, MS) and those facing financial hardships. Many of these people are not able to leave their homes, shop for food, prepare meals and are distanced from family

FUTURE MEETINGS:  We will continue to conduct our quarterly meetings via email.  The first email will be sent out in January 2021 and will include our new COVID submission & presentation forms.  If you know of a Norfolk Charity who could use some support, please consider submitting their name.  If you did not receive this email please contact us by email at NOTE:  New members are welcome to join.  

The total donations since May 2014 are just under $400,000…supporting 27 local charities. 

To learn more details about this charity as well all previous successful charities, to go the “Charities” tab on this web site. 

Are you someone who is interested in helping others but is stretched for time?

Do you want to be a part of an empowered group of women who want to make a direct, positive and immediate effect on the lives of others – right here in Norfolk County?

Would you like to network with other like-minded women in Norfolk County?

Due to COVID, all future meetings will be held via email.  When we are once again able to gather in person, the meetings will be held at the Army, Navy Air Force Building in Simcoe.

Army, Navy & Air Force Bldg., 53 Water Street, Simcoe
Corner of Culver & Water, Simcoe – enter off Culver Street.

Other meeting dates:
February 2021, May 2021, August 2021, November 2021.   If you have questions, PLEASE CONTACT for details.  


What is this Organization? What is expected of me?

  • There are four one hour meetings each year
  • To become a member you are required to sign a Commitment Form agreeing to donate $100 per meeting, 4 times a year whether or not in attendance
  • At each meeting, 3 representatives will make a 5 minute presentation on their charity
  • After the presentation, the members will vote by secret ballot. The charity receiving the most votes will receive all the donations E.g. 100 members x $100 = $10,000
  • The charity agrees that the funds will remain in Norfolk, will be used to benefit programs locally and will not be used for administrative costs
  • Income tax receipts will be distributed at the next meeting directly from the charity