Norfolk Community Help Centre - February 2024

Pictured left to right: Sue Goble & Beth Redden, 100 Women Who Care Norfolk, Nancy Hildebrand, Executive Director of Norfolk Community Help Centre and Rudi Atkinson, 100 Women Nominating Member

November 2023 Presenters

Pictured l to r: Laura Maguire, Lorraine Skarratt and Diane Luke

SCS Music Program - August 2023

Pictured l to r: Melissa Mummery, Sue Goble, Michelle Grummett, Kathy Caskenette - 100 Women Who Care Norfolk and Mrs. Ippolito, SCS Principal.

August 2023 Presenters

Pictured l to r: Joan Good, Melissa Mummery and Diane Holmes

Who Did It Club - May 2023

Pictured left to right: Vice President Ron Merk and President Scott Castles, Who Did It Club, Michelle Grummett and Kathy Caskenette, 100 Women Who Care Norfolk

February 2023 Presenters

Pictured from l to r: Kim Shippey, Lynnwood Arts Centre, Jill Chuli, Waterford Skatepark and Linda Boll, St Vincent de Paul