How long has 100 Women Who Care Norfolk been in existence?
We were founded in May 2014 by Sue Goble, Michelle Grummett and Beth Redden who were immediately drawn to the idea after attending a meeting in Brantford.

Chapters exist all over Canada and the U.S. Locally, you can find these organizations in London, K-W Cambridge, Burlington and Toronto (to name a few).

Will 100 Women Who Care Norfolk accept more than 100 members? 
Absolutely yes!  The initial goal was to have 100 members.  At the inaugral meeting, there were 118 women who signed Commitment forms.  As of February 2024, there are 174 members.

Which charitable organizations are eligible for consideration by the group?
In order to be considered, the charity must be based in Norfolk County and all funds donated by our group must stay in Norfolk County. The money donated is NOT to be used on administrative costs. Income tax receipts must be provided. At the subsequent meeting, the charity receiving the funds must make a presentation on how the funds were used.

How often can a charity be nominated?
A charity can be nominated at each meeting as long as it has not been a recipient of the group’s donation in the past three (3) years.

Is my donation tax deductible?
Yes. Cheques are written directly to the charitable organization, Tax receipts will be issued directly by the charitable organization and will be available to our members in February (the following year).

How is the organization that receives the group donation chosen?
A member who has signed the Commitment Form can nominate a local charity (See Charity Information Fact Sheet). These submissions must be forwarded at least ONE week prior to the next meeting.  At random, three charities will be selected per meeting. The nominating member or a representative of the charity will give a short 5 minute presentation (See Presentation Information Sheet) describing why their charity should receive the donation. Five minutes is allocated for Q&A.

What if I cannot attend a meeting? 
You are asked to send in a blank, signed cheque with a trusted friend to the meeting. The friend will write the name of the charity that is chosen on the cheque and give it to the organizers on your behalf. The friend may NOT vote on your behalf. We will only count the votes of members who are present at the meeting;

Can I bring a friend to the meeting?
Absolutely! We are always seeking women who care! However, in order to vote she will need to sign a Commitment Form and become a member. Otherwise she is free to observe and contribute a donation if she likes.

Does any of my donation go to administration costs of 100 Women Who Care Norfolk
Absolutely not! 100 Women Who Care Norfolk is organized and operated entirely by volunteers. 100% of the money raised at our meetings goes directly to the selected organization!

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What is the History of 100 Women Who Care?

As stated by Jennifer Wooton Regan from the Toronto Chapter, the idea came from a book “Be A Miracle” by Regina Brett which references a group which had it’s beginning in Cleveland.

In November of 2006, Karen Dunigan from Jackson, Michigan introduced the concept at a meeting where they raised $10,000 for 300 cribs for a charity.

The first Canadian group began in September, 2012 in Toronto, followed by London the same year followed by Brantford and Hamilton in 2013.

Brantford held their first anniversary meeting on April 9th, 2014 with 117 members. London has over 300 members.
Related groups include “100 Men Who Care London” and “100 Kids Who Care London”.  The kids donate $10 per quarter.  Today, you will find chapters of 100 Women Who Care across the United States and Canada.