November 9, 2016

Haldimand-Norfolk Women’s Services

Haldimand-Norfolk Women’s Services (Presentation by Lauren Harrington) was chosen as the recipient of $16,300. HNWS will use this money for a program called “Supportive Mothering”. This program is run in cooperation with the Children’s Aid Society (CAS). A 16 week program is offered 4 times per year (if funding is available) to women who have experienced abuse / have been a victim of violence and who have children. The results from previous programs has been profound and we heard (via a letter written to Women’s Services) from one young women with a small child who completed the program with a renewed sense of confidence and self worth.

Other presentations made were in support of Purrfect Companions of Norfolk (Angie Grice) and Lynnwood Arts Centre (Brendalee Englehardt).

November 9, 2016: Haldimand-Norfolk Women's Services Recipient of $16,300

Pictured above: Sue Goble, Lauren Harrington (Presenter for HNWS), Beth Redden & Michelle Grummett

Pictured above are the Presenters from the November 2016 Meeting: Lauren Harrington - HNWS and Brendalee Englehardt - Lynnwood Arts Centre. Missing from the photo is Angie Grice - Purrfect Companions Norfolk.