August 9, 2017

South Coast Special Needs Kids

South Coast Special Needs Kids (Presentation by Bettyann Carty) was the successful recipient of $17,200.

South Coast Special Needs Kids is a registered charity who serves 35-40 children & young adults in Norfolk County. There motto is “Every Kid Can”. This group organizes special outings such as hockey, bowling, baseball, golf, etc. Although the parents obtain some governement assistance, these extra-curricular programs are NOT funded. South Coast Special Needs Kids will spend this money on a new golf cart and new sledges for hockey. This will bring their fleet of golf carts to a total of two (2). The current cart resides at Springview Farms Golf Course. Bettyann Carty finished her presentation by saying, “How has your golf game been lately? Does it matter to you if your score is good or bad? The important part is that you are sharing your time with a friend. That is what purchasing this special golf cart will mean to several special needs kids. Sharing their golf game with a friend.”

Two other charities also presented: Purrfect Companions of Norfolk (Angie Grice), Norfolk Community Help Centre (Marilyn Antkiw)

August 9, 2017: South Coast Special Needs Kids Receives $17,200

Pictured above are Beth Redden (Co-Founder of 100 Women) and Bettyann Carty (Presenter)