We revamped our meeting structure due to COVID and are pleased to announce that we selected Church Out Serving as the successful recipient of $15,700.

This money will be spent on stainless steel counters, sinks and food safe work surfaces in their commercial kitchen.  Since March, Church Out Serving has stepped forward in response to a growing and urgent need to help local residents who were experiencing food insecurity, many for the first time.  These people consist of housebound seniors, people who are ill, disabled or immune-compromised (due to cancer, ALS, MS) and those facing financial hardships. Many of these people are not able to leave their homes, shop for food, prepare meals and are distanced from family.

COS are currently operating multiple programs ranging from hot meals being served curbside, to frozen meal and food hamper delivery.  In total, more than 10,000 meals have reached the tables of Norfolk’s most vulnerable residents.  During the summer months, 18 community gardens throughout Simcoe were planted and over 12,600 vegetable servings were harvested and distributed.  Referrals to COS come from HN Emergency Food Response Hotline, Senior Support Services, CMHA, Children’s Aid, REACH, Red Cross and Victim Services.

In 2017, 100 Women Who Care Norfolk donated funds to COS which were used to purchase a walk-in refrigerator and freezer.

Both of these items have been instrumental in COS’s ability to roll out their programs during COVID.  The location on Sydenham is being used to store food items and as a staging location for these programs.  These new additions to the COS’s commercial kitchen will improve efficiency and capacity for both current and future programs at Riversyde 83.