March 6, 2021

Although COVID has changed how this group meets on a quarterly basis, it has not diminished the ability of these ladies to step forward and give back to our Norfolk Community.

Pictured left to right: Kathy Caskenette – 100 Women, Jane Scheel – Exec Director HNWS; Denise Norman – Vice Chair HNWS Board of Directors; Beth Redden – 100 Women

In February 2021, 100 Women held their meeting via “email” and selected the Haldimand-Norfolk Women’s Services as the recipient of $16,400.  This money will be used to finish the renovations on a 1960’s, 800 sq foot home which HNWS purchased in 2019.  The home sits adjacent to the HNWS Simcoe property.  HNWS partnered with Habitat for Humanity, who completed the majority of the renovations in exchange for a building lot at the rear of HNWS property.

Ultimately, the home will be rented to a high-risk woman and her children who are survivors of abuse.   Due to COVID, we have temporarily repurposed the home as a 14-day isolation space prior to the family being admitted to the shelter.

Specifically, these funds will be used to update the front and back porches, purchase & install security cameras and grade the entire property to an acceptable standard.  Selfless volunteers from HNWS and Habitat for Humanity (who partnered with HNWS) have already replaced kitchen cabinets, the furnace, water heater, the roof, soffits and windows.  This final leg of renovations will bring the home up to code and ensure it is safe, comfortable and secure for those families fleeing abuse.  

HNWS provides 24-hour crisis intervention, counseling, advocacy, support and residential services to assist women aged 16 and older, with or without children, who need access to a place of safety from abuse.  HNWS has helped more than 1300 women and children and during COVID, the need remains extremely high.    While professionals are instrumental in the delivery of these services, volunteers contribute thousands of hours to ensure programs and services are available to all who need it.  For more information on HNWS, go to their website at www.hnws/

Since 2014, 100 Women Who Care Norfolk has raised more than $400,000 for 27 charities.  If you are interested in becoming a member, visit our web site at