May 29, 2023

At the May 2023 meeting, 100 Women Who Care Norfolk heard from 3 deserving charities, with the successful recipient being Who Did It Club (presented by Cathy Rusling).  The other charities who presented at the meeting were the Alzheimer’s Society (Diane Holmes) and Lynnwood Arts Centre (Kim Shippey).

Who Did It Club is an unassuming & proud group of 25 volunteers who have been quietly operating in Norfolk County since 1944.  They operate out of a non-descript building on Hillcrest Road in Simcoe.  They are best known for their short-term, free of charge, loan program of medical equipment. This includes hospital beds, wheelchairs, walkers, etc.  At any given time, hundreds of pieces of equipment are on loan around the county.  During the early stages of COVID, the Club provided 18 beds to NGH which were used to set up their “field” hospital.  The $17,300 will help fund a planned, much needed addition to their facility.  Donations of gently used medical equipment are welcome.

Who Did It Club - May 2023

Pictured left to right: Vice President Ron Merk and President Scott Castles, Who Did It Club, Michelle Grummett and Kathy Caskenette, 100 Women Who Care Norfolk