August 21, 2023

GEDSB – Simcoe Composite School Music Program (presented by Melissa Mummery) was the successful recipient of $17,300 at the August 2023 meeting. Sheet music, royalties, and instrument maintenance costs the music program as much as $12,000 annually.  100 Women Who Care Norfolk’s donation of $17,300 will be spent on new musical instruments which will replace aging, donated instruments which are 20+ years old.  Instruments are costly:  a French horn can command $2100, a clarinet $600, a saxophone $1100 and a trombone $600.

Many of the students who attend the music program have no instrument experience and will either gravitate to the largest, loudest instruments while others will quietly blend in with the smaller quieter ones.    The students will find friendship, acceptance, and a place to belong while blossoming into budding musicians which will impact their lives forever.  The SCS Music Program has a Junior & Senior Band, a Jazz, Vocal and Teacher/Student Band in addition to the regular music classes.

The various bands perform throughout the county and province.  The bands can be found performing at the Norfolk Fair, Norfolk Musical Arts Festival and the Golden Horseshoe Music Festival in Ancaster.

Other charities who presented at the August meeting were the Norfolk Children’s Nutrition Network (Joan Good) and the HN Alzheimer’s Society (Diane Holmes).

SCS Music Program - August 2023

Pictured l to r: Melissa Mummery, Sue Goble, Michelle Grummett, Kathy Caskenette - 100 Women Who Care Norfolk and Mrs. Ippolito, SCS Principal.

August 2023 Presenters

Pictured l to r: Joan Good, Melissa Mummery and Diane Holmes