November 9, 2023

The successful recipient of $17,500 at the November 2023 meeting was the Child Nutrition Network (R.E.A.C.H) presented by Diane Luke.  The other charities who were selected to present were Victim Services (Laura Maguire) and Boston School Parent Council Playground Initiative (Lorraine Skarratt).

The Child Nutrition Network was established in 1998 and partners with Haldimand Norfolk R.E.A.C.H, the Haldimand Norfolk Health Unit and community members.  CNN offers school-age children & youth nutritious food for breakfast, lunch and/or snack programs.  These programs are necessary as so many children arrive at school each day without having breakfast and without anything to eat for lunch.  Nutritious food is essential so the children can focus on learning.

During the 2023-24 school year, 26 Norfolk schools and more than 9,000 students will have access to nutritious food.  Typically the student nutrition program coordinator and volunteers plan the menu and purchase the food from preferred vendors.

November 2023 Presenters

Pictured l to r: Laura Maguire, Lorraine Skarratt and Diane Luke