May 9, 2018: Child Nutrition Network Receive $16,400

Pictured left to right: Barbie Ernst, Lauren Harrington, Maria Kinkel

February 14, 2018: Friends of the Library Norfolk Receive $16,600

Pictured (l-r): Beth Redden (Co-founder), Heather King, CEO Norfolk County Public Library, Michelle Grummett (Co-founder)), Nancy Sherwin (100 Women Member), and Dolly Parton (cut out)

November 8, 2017: St. Jospeh's Lifecare Foundation Receives $17,200

Pictured in the photo are (left to right): Sue Goble, Co-Founder, Olga Consorti, President & CEO ST. Joseph’s Lifecare Foundation for Stedman Community Hospice and Beth Redden, Co-Founder.

Pictured above is Vera Abbott who presented for St. Joseph's Lifecare Foundation

August 9, 2017: South Coast Special Needs Kids Receives $17,200

Pictured above are Beth Redden (Co-Founder of 100 Women) and Bettyann Carty (Presenter)

May 10, 2017: Church Out Serving Receives $17,300

Pictured above: Diane Luke (Presenter) and Beth Redden Co-Founder 100 Women

Presenters at the May 10 2017 Meeting from left to right: Vera Abbott for St. Joseph's Lifecare Foundation, Diane Luke for Church Out Serving and Angie Grice for Puurfect Companions.