November 9, 2016: Haldimand-Norfolk Women's Services Recipient of $16,300

Pictured above: Sue Goble, Lauren Harrington (Presenter for HNWS), Beth Redden & Michelle Grummett

Pictured above are the Presenters from the November 2016 Meeting: Lauren Harrington - HNWS and Brendalee Englehardt - Lynnwood Arts Centre. Missing from the photo is Angie Grice - Purrfect Companions Norfolk.

August 10, 2016: Indwell Hambleton Hall Simcoe Receives $16,200

Pictured left to right are Michelle Grummett, Sue Goble, Barbara Gulabsingh (member who presented on behalf of Indwell) and Beth Redden.

May 11, 2016: Alzheimer's Society of Haldimand-Norfolk Receives $16,100

Pictured left to right are the 3 women who presented: Cynthia Stuart (Senior Support Services), Diane Holmes (Alzheimers Society), Lauren Harrington (Women's Support Services)

February 10, 2016: Canadian Mental Health Association (Simcoe) Receives $14,800

Michelle Grummett, Jill Chuli, Joanne Cleland, Mental Health Promotion & Education Facilitator, Beth Redden and Mike Benin, CMHA Executive Director

Pictured above is Jill Chuli who presented on behalf of the CMHA. Congratulations!

November 18, 2015: Cancer Support & Research Program (CSRP) receives $14,800

Pictured above is Sue Ferguson (Baldock) who presented on behalf of the CSRP.