At the November 12, 2014 meeting, The Salvation Army Community Services was the recipient of $14,400.

Pictured above are Beth Redden, Michelle Grummett, Jill Chuli who presented on behalf of The Salvation Army Community Services and Sue Goble.

Following the meeting on August 13, $13,900 was presented to key representatives of St. Vincent De Paul.

Pictured above are Don White (St. Vincent De Paul), Linda Boll ( Nominator/Member), Ken Kowalsky (President St Vincent De Paul) and Michelle Grummett (Co-Founder)

August 13, 2014: Presentation of $13,900 to Linda Boll who nominated and presented on St. Vincent de Paul's behalf.

Pictured from left to right: Beth Redden (organizer), Sue Goble (organizer), Linda Boll and Michelle Grummett (organizer).

May 28, 2014: Presentation of $11,800 to the Who Did It Club.

From left to right: Cathy Rusling, Member who made the nomination; Ian Madge, President of Who Did It Club; Beth Redden, organizer; Michelle Grummett, organizer; Sue Goble, organizer.

Photos taken on May 28, 2014 at the first meeting of 100 Women Who Care Norfolk

Beth Redden (left) speaking with arriving member.

Michelle Grummett (right) welcomes Patti Boyko to the inaugral meeting.

The Organizers of 100 Women Who Care Norfolk present Cathy Rusling (the member who nominated the charity - second from the left) 118 cheques totalling $11,800 for the Who Did It Club. Pictured above are Beth Redden (organizer), Cathy Rusling, Sue Goble (organizer) and Michelle Grummett (organizer).