Charities Supported

Results:  February 13, 2019
Langton Public School
The successful recipient of $16,600 was Langton Public School (presented by Diane Luke).  The school currently has no playground equipment.  The equipment which was originally installed in 1993 was deemed unsafe in 2017 and removed.  As the school board or province doesn’t pay for playground equipment, this fundraising activity fell to a parent group and teachers.  Multiple events have been held and to date, they have raised $35,000.  To reach their goal of $50,000, they are $15,000 short.  Their goal of $50,000 will ensure that multiple pieces of equipment are purchased which will be suitable for children ages 5 to 12.  This equipment must be accessible for children with special needs.  This school has a self-contained autism class who will also benefit from this purchase.
The entire Langton community will take advantage of this equipment as it will be utilized at night, on weekends and all summer long.  This investment will help local children build strong bodies, social skills, confidence and work off energy in a positive way.